Whole Home Consultation

When you are home you should be able to relax. Whether home alone or with friends and family, you should be able to use your home electronics with ease. Getting the most out of your entertainment devices should be an easy and quick process.

Whole Home Consultation allows a chance to meet with clients and get a feel for how they want to enjoy and use their space and get to evaluate their needs. There are times when adding a single smart device for the latest streaming video services and better wire management are all that are needed. Other times a full overhaul is wanted. To better understand your needs, a consultation will allow clients to have a complete survey done of their home and their needs. Questions and topics commonly discussed may include but are not limited to:

  • Who will be using the systems around the home?
  • What content will need to be available and in what rooms?
  • Can I reduce all of my remote controls to one remote?
  • Are there current media services already in place, such as Netflix or Pandora?
  • Is the current internet configuration adequate for current and future use?
  • Can certain electronics be reused in a more up-to-date and optimal fashion?
  • What are all the new television features. like 4K Ultra High Definition, and will homes benefit from an upgrade?
  • Can certain devices be hidden in closets or basements?

Everyone at one point  has walked into a local retail location and been overwhelmed with all the new technology that is constantly changing. Having someone to be able to translate all the terminology into language and examples that you can understand and relate to can mean the difference between seeing home electronics as expensive gadgets and understanding the new value they may bring to your everyday life.

Call or email today to make an appointment to have an in-home consultation to see where you can benefit from the new technology or to even better understand your existing equipment! Hiller Technology Services is here to help make sense of today’s Technology!